Writing Coaching Sessions

Writing Coaching Sessions

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How this works: 

You send me a piece of writing, up to 6 pages double-spaced or up to ten poems.  I read your writing and give written feedback.  We schedule a time to meet up on the internet using a video platform and go through the writing together.  I will point out strengths, give suggestions and ideas to improve your writing in a 30-minute session.   

For the second 30-minute session, you can either work on the first writing and come back for a second round of edits, or start with a new piece of writing. 

At the end, I will send some final thoughts, suggestions and questions to use as you continue writing.  I will also include some writers, or specific pieces of writing you can look up that are tailored to you.  

Please email me at ashmae.hoiland@gmail.com if you have further questions about this purchase.